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A Question Of Honor


A Question Of Honor
Nita Abrams
Historical Romance
375 pages
Copyright: 2002
ISBN: 08217-7326-7

Wounded while on a risky intelligence mission behind enemy lines in Spain during the war against Napoleon, British Captain Richard C. Drayton returns to England to recuperate. While staying with his sister, he meets his young niece’s new temporary governess, Rachel Maitland Ross. This enigmatic woman has charmed the entire household, but Richard suspects there is more to her story than he has been told and of course, there is. Abrams is equally adept at writing action-filled scenes that illuminate the dangers of intelligence work during the Napoleonic Wars as she is in writing poignant, romantic scenes between her hero and heroine. With its complex, nuanced characters and polished writing, Abrams’s debut romance is superb.