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Bead On Trouble by Barbara Burnett Smith


Meet Kitzi Camden, former stateswoman. When she retired, Kitzi dreamed of doing what she loves best–beading. She certainly didn’t plan to try her hand at amateur sleuthing. But lately, trouble seems to find her wherever she goes–even deep into the woods.

When a young beader is killed at a beading retreat, Kitzi is faced with almost as many suspects as there are beads in her bag.


Chaos And Chocolate Mousse by M.E. Harmon


Tricks and lies but which bridesmaid has a good alibi?

Ali Daniels, NYC baker-extraordinaire, gets stuck in the middle of the ultimate chair-throwing, name-slinging, bridal shower meltdown.

Again and again, mysterious things happen, until it becomes clear there’s a devious mind determined to descend the event into complete and utter chaos.

Soon the baker-turned-sleuth is sucked into a sticky bridesmaid beehive of deceit, secrets and lies.

There’s a tangled mess of suspects, and it’s up to Ali to expose the menacing, mischief-maker before the wedding plans completely crumble.

This cozy mystery features an amateur, female sleuth.

Chaos and Chocolate Mousse is the second book of a three part series where clues for the final murder mystery appear throughout all three books. Can you spot all of the clues? The first book is Secrets and Sweet Rolls.

Dog’s Don’t Lie by Clea Simon


Pru Marlowe isn’t your ordinary animal psychic. A tough girl on the run from her own gift, Pru left the big city to return to her picturesque Berkshires hometown looking for a little peace. Too bad that her training as an animal behaviorist got her mixed up with Lily, a rescue dog, and Charles, her person. Now Charles is dead, and Lily looks good for it. After all, Lily is a pitbull, a fighting-ring dropout, and way too traumatized to give Pru a clear picture of what she has witnessed. But Pru knows something about bad girls trying to clean up, and, with a sense of justice strong enough to overcome her dislike of human society, she takes the case. Listening to the animals, Pru picks up clues—and learns there are secrets in the pretty little town that make murder look simple. Unable to tell anybody about her psychic abilities, uncertain at times about her own sanity, Pru comes to realize that if she clears Lily, she’ll likely become the prime suspect—or the next victim. While the only creature she can totally trust is her crotchety tabby Wallis, Pru’s got to uncover the real killer—and find a way to live with her gift—before the real beasts in the town savage her and those she has come to love.

The first in the Pru Marlowe “pet noir” series.

2018 Reading Challenges


I am going to do the pop sugar challenge and to read some cozy mysteries this year.

Pop Sugar Challenge

A book with an animal in the title- Dog’s Don’t Lie by Clea Simon- finished

borrowed book or gift- The Children Of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen- finished

A book set in a country that fascinates you- Taming The Highlander- Currently reading


Cozy Mysteries Challenge

Chaos And Chocolate Mousse by M.E. Harmon- finished

Bead On Trouble by Barbara Burnett Smith- finished





Stamped Out


Stamped Out

Terri Thayer


263 pages

copyright: 2008

isbn: 978-0-425-22329-1

First in the Stamping Sisters mystery series.

Featuring small-town stampers who are sure to leave their mark.

A professional rubber stamper who creates intricate patterns on walls, April Buchert is back home in Aldenville, Pennsylvania, helping her father restore the famous Winchester mansion.

But when a human skull tumbles out of the rubble, all eyes are on April’s father, who oversaw the construction twenty years ago. As unexplained deaths pile up and a dangerously handsome carpenter becomes a pleasant distraction, can April chip away at the truth before another innocent victim is stamped out?

Murder Of A Barbie And Ken


Murder Of A Barbie And Ken
Denise Swanson
253 pages
copyright: 2003
isbn: 0-451-21072-7

Skye joins Scumble River’s social club and ends up at a party at the home of socialites Barbie and Ken Addison. But not long after, Skye gets caught in a murder mystery when she finds the perfect couple, perfectly dead…

Never Say Sty


Never Say Sty
Linda O. Johnston
295 pages
copyright: 2009
isbn: 978-0-425-22704-6

Murder muddies up the new Pet-Sitter mystery.

Already an L.A. attorney and pet-sitter, Kendra’s taken on a third job, masterminding a new reality show called “Animal Auditions.” But things get messier than the show’s pot-bellied pigs when her hot new producer is suspected of murder.

Knit One, Kill Two


Knit One, Kill Two Maggie Sefton Mystery 280 pages copyright: 2005 isbn: 0-425-20359-x Kelly Flynn never picked up a pair of knitting needles she liked—until she strolled into House of Lambspun. Now, in the first in a brand-new series, she learns how to knit one, purl two, and untangle the mystery behind her aunt’s murder.

Murder On St. Mark’s Place


Victoria Thompson Mystery 277 pages copyright: 2000 isbn: 978-0-425-17361-9 In turn-of-the century New York City, midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy see birth and death–and even murder….

The Spring Cleaning Murders


Spring Cleaning Murders
Dorothy Cannell
275 pages
copyright: 1998
isbn: 0-670-87511-6

Spring cleaning fever almost has the inimitable Ellie Haskell scrubbing the Merlin’s Court chandeliers with a toothbrush, turning the entire household topsy-turvy. But when members of the Chitterton Fells Charwomen’s Association (C.F.C.W.A.) start biting the dust, Ellie must drop everything to discover what dark secrets the victims had swept under the carpet. All in the service of her investigation, Ellie pledges to abide by the rules of the Magna Char and becomes an honorary member of the C.F.C.W.A. With the help of Bentley, her feckless cousin Freddy, and an assortment of homemade cleaning solutions derived from Abigail Grantham’s diary, Ellie embarks on a brief, ill-fated stint cleaning her neighbors’ houses – and snooping through their things. As Ellie seeks to uncover the skeletons in the closets of both friends and strangers alike, she must ask herself: Which was a motive for murder? And will she find out before the murderer decides to rub her out as well?