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Stamped Out


Stamped Out

Terri Thayer


263 pages

copyright: 2008

isbn: 978-0-425-22329-1

First in the Stamping Sisters mystery series.

Featuring small-town stampers who are sure to leave their mark.

A professional rubber stamper who creates intricate patterns on walls, April Buchert is back home in Aldenville, Pennsylvania, helping her father restore the famous Winchester mansion.

But when a human skull tumbles out of the rubble, all eyes are on April’s father, who oversaw the construction twenty years ago. As unexplained deaths pile up and a dangerously handsome carpenter becomes a pleasant distraction, can April chip away at the truth before another innocent victim is stamped out?


Murder Of A Barbie And Ken


Murder Of A Barbie And Ken
Denise Swanson
253 pages
copyright: 2003
isbn: 0-451-21072-7

Skye joins Scumble River’s social club and ends up at a party at the home of socialites Barbie and Ken Addison. But not long after, Skye gets caught in a murder mystery when she finds the perfect couple, perfectly dead…

Never Say Sty


Never Say Sty
Linda O. Johnston
295 pages
copyright: 2009
isbn: 978-0-425-22704-6

Murder muddies up the new Pet-Sitter mystery.

Already an L.A. attorney and pet-sitter, Kendra’s taken on a third job, masterminding a new reality show called “Animal Auditions.” But things get messier than the show’s pot-bellied pigs when her hot new producer is suspected of murder.

Knit One, Kill Two


Knit One, Kill Two Maggie Sefton Mystery 280 pages copyright: 2005 isbn: 0-425-20359-x Kelly Flynn never picked up a pair of knitting needles she liked—until she strolled into House of Lambspun. Now, in the first in a brand-new series, she learns how to knit one, purl two, and untangle the mystery behind her aunt’s murder.

Murder On St. Mark’s Place


Victoria Thompson Mystery 277 pages copyright: 2000 isbn: 978-0-425-17361-9 In turn-of-the century New York City, midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy see birth and death–and even murder….

The Spring Cleaning Murders


Spring Cleaning Murders
Dorothy Cannell
275 pages
copyright: 1998
isbn: 0-670-87511-6

Spring cleaning fever almost has the inimitable Ellie Haskell scrubbing the Merlin’s Court chandeliers with a toothbrush, turning the entire household topsy-turvy. But when members of the Chitterton Fells Charwomen’s Association (C.F.C.W.A.) start biting the dust, Ellie must drop everything to discover what dark secrets the victims had swept under the carpet. All in the service of her investigation, Ellie pledges to abide by the rules of the Magna Char and becomes an honorary member of the C.F.C.W.A. With the help of Bentley, her feckless cousin Freddy, and an assortment of homemade cleaning solutions derived from Abigail Grantham’s diary, Ellie embarks on a brief, ill-fated stint cleaning her neighbors’ houses – and snooping through their things. As Ellie seeks to uncover the skeletons in the closets of both friends and strangers alike, she must ask herself: Which was a motive for murder? And will she find out before the murderer decides to rub her out as well?

French Pressed


French Pressed
Cleo Coyle
270 pages
copyright: 2008
isbn: 978-0-425-22049-8

Murder takes the plunge in the sixth book in the Coffeehouse mystery series.

Clare Cosi’s daughter, Joy, is interning-and falling- for a top New York chef when his kitchen turns cutthroat, and Joy becomes a murder suspect. Clare knows she must catch the real killer-even if it lands her in the hottest water of her life.

A Spoonful Of Poision


A Spoonful Of Poision
M.C Beaton
276 pages
copyright: 2008
isbn: 0-312-34912-2

Cranky but lovable sleuth Agatha Raisin’s detective agency has become so successful that she wants nothing more than to take quality time for rest and relaxation. But as soon as she begins closing the agency on weekends, she remembers that when she has plenty of quality time, she doesn’t know what to do with it. So it doesn’t take much for the vicar of a nearby village to persuade her to help publicize the church fete—especially when the fair’s organizer, George Selby, turns out to be a gorgeous widower.

Agatha brings out the crowds for the fete, all right, but there’s more going on than innocent village fun. Several of the offerings in the jam-tasting booth turn out to be poisoned, and the festive family event becomes the scene of two murders.

Along with her young and (much to her dismay) pretty sidekick, Toni, Agatha must uncover the truth behind the jam tampering, keep the church funds safe from theft, and expose the nasty secrets lurking in the village—all while falling for handsome George, who may have secrets of his own.

Shadow Of Death


Shadow Of Death
William G Tapply
321 pages
copyright: 2001
isbn: 0-312-99727-2


Boston attorney Brady Coyne has just recieved a call from Jimmy D’Ambrosis, a Demoratic Party kingmaker and acting campaign manager for prosecutor Ellen Stoddard, who’s running for a Senate seat. She’s got a real shot at becoming the state’s first woman to hold the post, except for one thing: her husband Albert, a college professor and Brady’s occassinal fishing partner, has been acting strangly, and now he’s dissapeared altogether.

D’Ambrosiso wonders if Albert’s having a romantic dalliance with a coed, or if some other scandal is thretening to break. Either way, the campaign can’t be involved, so he wants Coyne to investigate and keep any thretening skeltons locked firmly away in the closet. But after Coyne uncovers evidence of murder, D’Ambrosio clamis client-attroney privelage and threteasn to have him disbarred if he leaks a word of the case to anyone. But Brady refuses to drop the case, and follows the trial to the little town of Southwick, New Hampshire, where an idyllic facade hides a terrible secret. And as the campagin draws to a climax, it seems that Brady Coyne has just been elected most likely to be the next to die.

Spun Tales


Spun Tales
Felicia Donovan
212 pages
copyright: 2008
isbn: 978-7837-1310-6

What a tangled web we weave…

Strong, sexy, smart, and stealthy–the ladies at the Black Widow Agency are back, bringing justice to wranged women like themselves, with thier trademark blend of computer forensics, surveillance technology, and women’s intuition.

In Spun Tales, Katie, Alexandra, Jane, and Margo find themselves playing bodyguard to an unpublished manuscript. Its famous author–whose controversial medical thrillers have made her a target for adoring fans, angry fanatacs, and powerful pharmaceutaical interests–is in need of some protection, too. But the Black Widows have a few other problems to untangle as well, like Alexandria’s mysterious disappearances and Katie’s unresolved feelings for her ex, Joe Kennedy.

My review:

This is a new author for me to read. This is a wonderful mystery that makes me wanting to know what happens next.