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Shattered Dreams: My Life As A Polygamist’s Wife


Shattered Dreams: My Life As A Polygamist’s Wife
Irene Spencer
383 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 1-59995-719-1

Irence Spencer grew up in a fundamentalist Mormon family–the thirteenth of thirty-one children–so it was no surprise that she found herself, at sixteen years of age, in a plural marraige, sharing her husband with a half sister.

Enduring abject poverty, living in isolation, and suffering the neglect of a husband with divided loyalities created unbearable conditions. Yet Irene managed to overcome these obstacles to seek a life that she believed would be better for her and her children. She made the bold step into the “outside world” and into a freedom she never knew existed.

The details of her harrowing experience will appall, astonish, and, in the end, greatly inspire. This dramatic story reveals how far religion can be stretched and abused, and how one woman and her children found their way into truth and redemption.