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Chaos And Chocolate Mousse by M.E. Harmon


Tricks and lies but which bridesmaid has a good alibi?

Ali Daniels, NYC baker-extraordinaire, gets stuck in the middle of the ultimate chair-throwing, name-slinging, bridal shower meltdown.

Again and again, mysterious things happen, until it becomes clear there’s a devious mind determined to descend the event into complete and utter chaos.

Soon the baker-turned-sleuth is sucked into a sticky bridesmaid beehive of deceit, secrets and lies.

There’s a tangled mess of suspects, and it’s up to Ali to expose the menacing, mischief-maker before the wedding plans completely crumble.

This cozy mystery features an amateur, female sleuth.

Chaos and Chocolate Mousse is the second book of a three part series where clues for the final murder mystery appear throughout all three books. Can you spot all of the clues? The first book isĀ Secrets and Sweet Rolls.