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Alan Dean Foster
Science Fiction
325 pages
copyright: 1991
isbn: 0-441-64661-1

When movie star Jason Carter vacations in the wilds of Peru, he finds a lost civilization of extra-dimensional Incas out to conquer the world. The only one not worried about this mess is Carter’s cat, which acts like she’s in charge of the planet.


Stamped Out


Stamped Out

Terri Thayer


263 pages

copyright: 2008

isbn: 978-0-425-22329-1

First in the Stamping Sisters mystery series.

Featuring small-town stampers who are sure to leave their mark.

A professional rubber stamper who creates intricate patterns on walls, April Buchert is back home in Aldenville, Pennsylvania, helping her father restore the famous Winchester mansion.

But when a human skull tumbles out of the rubble, all eyes are on April’s father, who oversaw the construction twenty years ago. As unexplained deaths pile up and a dangerously handsome carpenter becomes a pleasant distraction, can April chip away at the truth before another innocent victim is stamped out?

Murder Of A Barbie And Ken


Murder Of A Barbie And Ken
Denise Swanson
253 pages
copyright: 2003
isbn: 0-451-21072-7

Skye joins Scumble River’s social club and ends up at a party at the home of socialites Barbie and Ken Addison. But not long after, Skye gets caught in a murder mystery when she finds the perfect couple, perfectly dead…

Tiare In Bloom


Tiare In Bloom
Celentine Vaite
256 pages
copyright: 2006
isbn: 978-0-316-11467-7

Now that Materena is a big star with her radio talk show, Pito can’t help noticing some changes in his wife. She’s spending more and more time at work and with her girlfriends instead of coming home to cook for him. And why does a Tahitian woman need to know how to drive, anyway? He tries to shrug it off, but when Materena gives him the silent treatment and doesn’t come home after a night of dancing, Pito has had enough! How is he supposed to fix things with Materena when she doesn’t even give him a chance?

Luckily for Pito, his opportunity comes when a threemonth-old girl named Tiare–rumored to be their son Tomatoa’s daughter–is left on the Mahis’ doorstep. Anxious to pull his weight and set things right, Pito embarks on a hilarious and noble mission to prove himself to his granddaughter, his wife, and–most importantly–himself.

TIARE IN BLOOM is the heartwarming story of a couple facing big changes on a small island–and a love that outlasts it all.

Never Say Sty


Never Say Sty
Linda O. Johnston
295 pages
copyright: 2009
isbn: 978-0-425-22704-6

Murder muddies up the new Pet-Sitter mystery.

Already an L.A. attorney and pet-sitter, Kendra’s taken on a third job, masterminding a new reality show called “Animal Auditions.” But things get messier than the show’s pot-bellied pigs when her hot new producer is suspected of murder.