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Hide And Seek


Hide And Seek

Catherine Palmer

Contempory Romance

255 pages copyright: 2001 i

sbn: 0-8423-1165-3

Hide and Seek is the sequel to Finders Keepers. Written by best-selling author Catherine Palmer, this romance novel celebrates life and love. It clearly shows that despite our desire to hide from life, the only safe hiding place is in God. Author Catherine Palmer is an award-winning fiction writer in both the general and religious markets. Sales of her twenty books have exceeded one million copies! This latest work is sure to please fiction lovers of all ages.


Knit One, Kill Two


Knit One, Kill Two Maggie Sefton Mystery 280 pages copyright: 2005 isbn: 0-425-20359-x Kelly Flynn never picked up a pair of knitting needles she liked—until she strolled into House of Lambspun. Now, in the first in a brand-new series, she learns how to knit one, purl two, and untangle the mystery behind her aunt’s murder.

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Virginia Henley

Historical Romance

532 pages

copyright: 1994

isbn: 978-0-440-24484-4

Shorn of her glorious raven tresses and dressed as a man, Lady Antonia Lamb became Lord Anthony Lamb, desperate to keep the property entailed to her twin brother, who is missing at sea. Trapped—and liberated—by her masquerade, Tony meets her new guardian, the devastatingly dangerous Adam Savage, who has returned from his plantation in Ceylon, determined to turn the innocent “boy” into a worldly man.

Pink Ballons And Other Deadly Things


Pink Ballons And Other Deadly Things Nancy Tesler Mystery 217 pages copyright: 1997 isbn: 0-440-22406-3 Carrie Carlin is trying to juggle single life in the suburbs, two frisky children, and a full-time career. Through it all she’s got to stand by while her estranged husband flaunts his new, young, gorgeous fiancee, Erica. When Erica turns up dead, Carrie—the jealous ex-wife— becomes a prime suspect. But with the help of the fine Detective Ted Brodsky, Carrie will uncover the truth—and prevail!

Beauty And The Spy


Beauty And The Spy
Julie Anne Long
Historical Romance
358 pages
copyright: 2006
isbn: 0-446-61686-9

London’s belle of the ball, Susannah Makepeace, is the last person who should suddenly be stuck in the sleepy village of Barnstable. In town, she would never have seen a man swimming naked in a pond. And she certainly would have resisted the urge to draw every single bit of him in astonishing detail!


Very few people know that Viscount Kit Whitelaw is the best spy in His Majesty’s secret service. But his high-flying life has finally banished him from London. Not to worry-if Susannah’s erotic sketches are any indication of her nature, she’ll be a delicious stand-in for the thrill of espionage.


When odd accidents follow in Susannah’s wake, Kit’s spy senses start tingling. For what better mystery is there for England’s greatest spy than the secrets of the delectable puzzle that is Susannah?

Secret Fantasy


Secret Fantasy

Carly Phillips

 Contemporary Fiction

232 pages

 copyright: 2001

isbn: 0-373-77351-0

Juliette Stanton is ten minutes away from vowing to love, honor and cherish a scheming mobster-connected liar.

For the rest of her life.

And so with the media watching her every move, the high-profile senator’s daughter flees her own wedding. Dubbed “Chicago’s Runaway Bride,” Juliette needs somewhere to hide out, and heal her broken heart. So she heads to a “fantasy island” and pays big bucks for anonymity and the chance to meet an honest man who’ll love her for who she really is. Total fantasy, right? Day one, she falls for tall, dark-haired, ocean-blue-eyed Doug Houston. He’s everything she’s ever wanted. Except he’s not exactly who he says he is, either….