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The Gift


The Gift
Julie Garwood
Historical Romance
373 pages
copyright: 1991
isbn: 0-671-70250-5

A child bride, Sara Winchester had grown into a winsome beauty, joyfully anticipating the day when her husband Nathan, Marquess of St. James, would return to claim her heart at last. Charmingly innocent, she dismissed the ancient feud that divided Nathan’s family from her own…and she was totally unaware of his past exploits as the notorious pirate, Pagan. The man who now stood before her was perplexing, arrogant and powerfully handsome…a warrior-gentleman whose gentle touch aroused her to the wildest, deepest pleasures of love.

Nathan had never bared his soul to any woman, but he was soon utterly beguiled and exasperated by Sara’s sweet, defiant ways. Aboard his ship, The Seahawk, she was brave, imperious and determined to win his heart completely — yet upon their return to England, her love would be sorely tested as a vile conspiracy tried to tear them apart. With their future at stake, they would discover the true destiny of their passion…for all time!


Presence: Stories


Presence: Stories
Arthur Miller
Contemporty Fiction
164 pages
copyright: 2004
isbn: 978-0-670-03828-2

An unforgettable collection of a master storyteller’s final works

Throughout his life, Arthur Miller, one of the foremost dramatists of the twentieth century, wrote highly regarded fiction—from his early novel Focus to two collections, I Don’t Need You Anymore and Homely Girl. In Presence, a posthumous gathering of his last published stories, he reveals the same profound insight, humanism, and empathy that characterized his great dramatic works. The six stories included here have all appeared in major publications and each displays all the assuredness of an artist in his autumnal prime. Presence is a gift that all fans of Miller’s work, as well as readers of contemporary fiction, will applaud.

Sketching Evil


Sketching Evil
Donna Anders
389 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 1-4165-1487-2


Where do you go when nowhere is safe?
From the author of Death Waits for You, which Ann Rule
called “a suspense-filled exercise in terror,” comes a new
novel of a woman facing a menacing danger she cannot
escape no matter where she runs.

When an attempted rape in her city apartment leaves artist Abby Carter deeply shaken, she flees to the beautiful Victorian house she recently inherited in a tiny town on the upper Hhudson River. But rumors of ghosts from generations past, and an unsolved murder, are unsettling…while handsome local homicide detective Bud Williams investigates a brand-new rash of violent crime.

Empathy with a terrified victim leads Abby to use her artistic skills to capture the face of a local serial rapist. But when the portrait leads to an arrest, Abby starts receiving threats and anonymous phone calls, and the house she believed to be a refuge becomes instead a place from her worst nightmare. Bud vows to protect her, but Abby knows she must look into the face of evil herself, because failure could mean her life.

Mountain Dreams


Mountain Dreams
Cheryl Holt
Contempory Romance
258 pages
copyright: 2000
isbn: 1-4201-0128-5

Her Secret Desires…

The moment country western star Harley “Beau” Beaudine lays eyes on Allison Masters, he can see exactly what she needs–sex, and lots of it. Drawn to the passion bubbling beneath Allison’s uptight exterior, Beau is more than willing to help her unleash the sensual inferno inside.

Are Waiting To Be Released…

Worn down by a domineering father and a cheating finace who claimed she was frigid, Allison has retreated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to run of her family’s hotels. She doesn’t plan on having the likes of Beau crossing her path–and tempting her beyond reason. The old Allison would never jump into bed with a man who looks like a sexy, wicked angel and makes no promises of love or fidelity. But the new Allison is ready to surrender herself completly to pure, uninhibited pleasure…

Shattered Dreams: My Life As A Polygamist’s Wife


Shattered Dreams: My Life As A Polygamist’s Wife
Irene Spencer
383 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 1-59995-719-1

Irence Spencer grew up in a fundamentalist Mormon family–the thirteenth of thirty-one children–so it was no surprise that she found herself, at sixteen years of age, in a plural marraige, sharing her husband with a half sister.

Enduring abject poverty, living in isolation, and suffering the neglect of a husband with divided loyalities created unbearable conditions. Yet Irene managed to overcome these obstacles to seek a life that she believed would be better for her and her children. She made the bold step into the “outside world” and into a freedom she never knew existed.

The details of her harrowing experience will appall, astonish, and, in the end, greatly inspire. This dramatic story reveals how far religion can be stretched and abused, and how one woman and her children found their way into truth and redemption.

High Stakes


High Stakes
Erin McCarthy
Paranormal Romance
291 pages
copyright: 2006
isbn: 978-0-425-21978-2

He’s a bloodsucking freak of nature. But, unlike other politicians, Ethan Carrick is a nice guy–and a hot, casino-owning vampire. It’s election year for vamps, which means he’ll first have to escape his opponent’s hit men adn then find a First Lady, like the smart and sweet Brittany Baldizzi. But when her protctive sister, Alexis, steps in with a message for Ethan–Bite me–he realizes it’s no-nonsense Alexis who raises his stake. And as much as she denies it, she wouldn’t mind a romp in a coffin with him. But can a mere mortal make a centuries-old womanizer feel something new?

Last Known Victim


Last Known Victim
Erica Spindler
511 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 0-7783-2579-2

Amid death and destruction, hurricane-savaged New Orleans has a new dark force to fear.

As the rescue efforts unfold, a grisly discovery is made at one of the massive refrigerator ‘graveyards.’ One of these metal hulks contains six human hands—all female, all right hands. The press has dubbed the unknown perpetrator ‘The Handyman.’ But with no way to trace the origin of this refrigerator, and with evidence lost to time and the elements, the case dead-ends.

Captain Patti O’shay is a straight-arrow, by-the-book cop who is assigned to the case. Her tough, unflinching character is fractured when her husband and fellow police captain is found murdered—surprised by looters taking advantage of the post-storm chaos.

August 2007Patti, still grieving and disillusioned, gets a call from homicide: skeletal remains have been unearthed in City Park. The unknown victim— a female—is missing her right hand. But for Patti, this grave holds something even more shocking. Found beside the victim’s bones is her husband’s police badge.

Casting aside the very ‘rule book’ by which she has lived her life, Patti is fearless—but so is the killer. As he stalks her she is forced to question all she believes in, to doubt the code she has lived by—because she knows that if she doesn’t find The Handyman first, she will become his last known victim.

The Night Visitor


The Night Visitor
James D. Doss
358 pages
copyright: 1999
isbn: 0-380-80393-3

The World of Daisy Perika is a realm of shadows, omens, and restless spirits. In tribal policeman Charlie Moon’s world, good and evil manifest themselves in more explainable, human ways. Yet the irascible old Ute shaman and her huge, good-natured nephew inhabit the same hard and lonely Colorado country. And now the parched earth has yielded up the remains of a gargantuan prehistoric beast on the site of a failed dude ranch–a find of enormous sciengtific importance that is attracting the attention of a wide variety of indviduals, some eminent and seemingly scruplous…others obviously neither. Moon is also curious about the strange old bones. For things this ancient and rare have been known to inspire malevolent deeds in the past, including avarice, lies…and murder. And all it takes is one mysterious disappearance and one very suspious death to convince Chalie Moon that his greatest fears have just been realized.

Holy Smokes


Holy Smokes
Katie MacAlister
Paranormal Romance
341 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 978-0-451-22254-1

I’m Aisling Grey, but you can call me “frustrated.”

The dragon of my dreams–ubersexy Drake Viero, wyvern of the green dragons–has finally decided to make an honest woman of me. That is, if we ever make it to the wedding at the same time! Being left at the altar may have cooled my jets, but not my passion…a good thing when Drake dissapears and it’s up to me to find him.

Most brides just have in-laws to worry about. Me? I have warring dragons, ticked-off demon lords, eternal damnation, and a mage who wants to challenge me for an otherwordly position I don’t even want. At least Jim, my doggie demon, is always by my side. He’s never let me down…yet.

The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard


The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard
Minda Webber
Paranormal Romance
310 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 0-505-57206-5

Kooks, Spooks & The Infamous Dr. Bluebeard

When your father is not only an infamous pirate but the husband of six vanished wives, respectability’s hard to come by. That’s why Eve invented herself a husband. How else was a nineteenth-century gal to follow her dreams and become one of those newfangled psychiatrists? Certainly she’d never be running The Towers, London’s preeminent asylum for potty paranormals. She wouldn’t be seeing famous outpatients such as Frederick Frankenstein (he has a screw loose) and treating Jan Van Helsing’s blood phobia. But now, whackier than the warewolves and loonier than the leprechaun she’s already treating, something new is taking shape–and he has the name of her never-before-seen husband and a body to drive a girl absolutly batty….