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Lights, Camera, Death


Lights, Camera, Death
Eileen Fulton
copyright: 1988
isbn: 0-8041-0203-1

Nina McFall, star of “The Turning Seasons,” America’s most popular soap, is always glad to hear from her devoted fans. But lately she’s been getting passionate letters from a man calling himself her “Secret Lover,” and swearing he’ll let nobody come between them.

Nina doesn’t take it seriously–until a delegation of fans arrive at Meyer Studios, and shortley, thereafter the actor playing her lover on the show is dead in the Hudson River. Now she’s sure “Secret Lover” means business.

Detective Lieutenant Dino Rossi doesn’t buy it, however. Then a second murder is committed, and a terrifed Nina realizes she must unmask her homicidal admirer before he discovers the real love of her life and targets Dino for death.


Chocolate Malts & Nickel Sodas


Chocolate Malts And Nickel Sodas
Margaret Johnson
copyright: 1976

If God is so good, why does he allow the young to die? Why does he allow war? Why does he allow tragedy? These are some of the questions which troubled young Marge growing up in the war-torn era of the 40’s.

Raised in an affluent Christian home, she had accepted without question her parents’ strong Christian faith, until tragedy began to pentrate her own young life.

This is the autobiographical account of a teen coming of age during World War 2. Rebelling against God, the church,and her family, running away from anything that seemed to threaten her “freedom,” Marge began the search for something permanent in life.

The story of that search, where it took her, and how finally through the loving care of a friend she found the Source of all happiness in a warm, personal, moving story which today’s teens will find relevant and inspiring and whose touch of nostalgia will be meaningful for many adults.

Undercover In High Heels


Undercover In High Heels
Gemma Halliday
Romantic Mystery
313 pages
copyright: 2007
isbn: 0-8439-5834-0

Secret Affairs, hunky gardners, and housewives desperate enough to bare it all…welcome to Magnolia Lane, TV’s newest hit show. As the new wardrobe assistant, shoe designer Maddie Springer is in fashion heaven. But then a young starlet is found dead. Now it’s up to Maddie to sift through a secretive leading lady, an actor on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a sexy cyber scandal, and one tabloid reporter who’ll stop at nothing to get the story of the century. Not to mention her tangles with the infuriatingly sexy lead detective, Jack Ramirea. In a biz where lies and deception earn Emmys, Maddie will have to play the role of a lifetime to catch Hollywood’s hottest killer. But if she doesn’t watch her step, Maddie’s fifteen minutes of fame may be her last.

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse


Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
Charlaine Harris
231 pages
copyright: 1994
isbn: 0-425-22052-8

Aurora “Roe” Teagarden had always worked for a living until an unexpected legacy gave her the money to quit her librarian job. Now, with time on her hands, she decides to try selling real estate. Her mother, after all, is Lawrenceton’s premier real estate agent, giving Roe a head start on this new career.

But at her first house showing, Roe discovers the naked corpse of rival broker in the master bedroom. To make matters worse, one of her mother’s colleagues has fallen under suspicion.

Roe, a natural-born sleauth, is determined to find out who is responsible. And when a second body is found in another house for sale, it becomes obvious that there is a a very cool killer at large in Lawrenceton, one who knows a great deal about real-estate–and maybe too much about Roe…

Fox River


Fox River

Emilie Richards


578 pages

copyright: 2001

isbn: 0-7783-2252-1

An artist’s sudden blindness is diagnosed as psychological trauma-but what is it she doesn’t want to see?

An innocent man is released after nine years in jail for a murder he didn’t commit.

In a community of millionaires and the people who serve them, a drama of scandal, secrets and murder is about to be exposed. . .

Daughter of a legendary Virginia hunt master and aristocrat, Julia Warwick grew up in a world where Thoroughbreds and fox hunting are passions, not pastimes. Julia found her own passion in Christian Carver, a talented young horse trainer. But when a beautiful heiress is murdered and Christian is convicted of the crime, a pregnant, desperate Julia marries a friend who offers solace.

Now, though blindness darkens her world, it opens her eyes to hidden truths. About her husband, her family, her friends and the man she loved. And as the story starts to emerge, a forgotten memory begins to return, a mystery comes to light. . .and two lovers torn apart by forces they couldn’t control face each other once and for all.

The Daddy Due Date


The Daddy Due Date
Raye Morgan
Silhouette Desire Romance
177 pages
copyright: 1994
isbn: 0-373-05843-8

Ken Forrest…
What was he doing here? How could he barge into Shawnee’s life and expect to pick up where they’d left off that long-ago summer? She had to make him leave–before that familiar, reckless passion came rushing back. Before Shawnee forgot all the reasons she couldn’t fall in love with him again. Before she stumbled upon her secret: her son–their son.

Shawnee Caine…
Was it really her? As Ken Forrest stared at his grown-up dream girl, eighteen long, lonely years fell away. He was a teenager once more, bewitched by her exotic beauty. Somehow, he’d found Shawnee again. And this time, he couln’t, wouldn’t, let her go.

From House Calls To Husband


From House Calls To Husband
Christine Flynn
Silhouette Special Edition Romance
243 pages
copyright: 1998
isbn: 0-373-24203-4

Do You Take This Doctor?

Cardiac surgeon Mike Brennan was six feet two inches of chiseled, masculine prefection. He had a gentle touch, a soothing voice–and, boy, did he look sexy in his scrubs! He was also nurse Katie Sheppard’s oldest, dearest friend. Which meant they could brush bodies, rub shoulders, wipe tears all they wanted in the medical department, but the romance department was forever off limits. After all, Katie had vowed never to marry a doctor–particulary one who was her best friend…and best-kept secret crush….

Perscription: Marriage
When three wedding-shy nurses come down with a serious case of love, marriage may be just what the doctor ordered….

Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel


Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel
Lisa Cach
Contempory Romance
308 pages
copyright: 2005
isbn: 0-7434-7089-3

Single twentysomething seeks Prince Charming.

Those without royal castles need not apply.

Inspired by a famous talk show host to “live her best life,” out-of-work tech writer Katy Orville flies off to London to find the man of her dreams. But in order to catch a prince, she has to shed her all-American girl image and transform herself into a hip, fashionable heiress. Can she really pull it off? Will she?

At a society wedding, it seems like a dream come true when a handsome man in a formal kilt begins a hot pursuit, clearly smitten with Katy. Unfortunately, Will Eland is more interested in rebuilding some old estate in the countryside than in partying with the aristos — how can she be attracted to Mr. Handyman when she’s looking for a nobleman? But appearances can be deceiving, as Katy well knows. Sometimes a prince is disguised as a pauper — and sometimes an ordinary bloke is really a duke. And she hopes that playing make-believe hasn’t ruined her chance for happily ever after….

A Heart’s Refuge


A Heart’s Refuge
Carolyne Aarsen
Inspirational Romance
242 pages
copyright: 2004
isbn: 0-373-87278x

A fresh start. . .

Handsome but restless Rick Ethier had no use for the stuffy family business, but when his grandfather laid an interesting proposition at his door, he found it hard to say no. If Rich could bring a faltering magazine around to profitability within a year, he’d be free to pursue his true interests.

For Two

But Rick found an unexpected obstacle in Becky Ellison, the previous owner’s daughter and the current editor of the magazine. Though she loved her job, she had yearned to write fiction — until a very negative review of her first published book — by Rick Ethier — had quashed that dream forever. Had God crossed their paths to give them both a new direction?

A Cry For Self-Help


A Cry For Self-Help
Jaqueline Girdner
277 pages
copyright: 1997
isbn: 0-425-16265-6

Some called the magnetic, handsome Sam Skyler a self-help genius; to others he was a pompous scam artist who had grown adults wearing finger puppets to get in touch with their feelings at his overpriced seminars. But to Diana Atherton, he was her husband-to-be, which explained why, along with Kate and her fiance Wayne, they stood high atop a seaside cliff observing an aquatic wedding (with a SCUBA theme), the handiwork of a ritual consultant who created decidedly different weddings for her clients. But Skyler takes the plunge a little early and plummets to the rocks below. Now Kate is thrown into a murder investigation that quickly turns to a media frenzy – with Kate herself in the hot seat…