A Hard Man Is Good To Find

A Hard Man Is Good To Find
Jane Blackwood
Contempory Romance
311 pages
Copyright: 2004
ISBN- 0-8217-7616-9

Jaime McLane knows she’s in trouble when the latest edition of the Nortown Journal is published. The headline is awful and she thinks her boss will be furious because she didn’t fix it before the paper hit the streets. With her job on the line, insecurity mounts when she’s summoned to see the man in charge, Harry Crandall. After all, he’s been firing staff left and right.

Harry, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist from New York City and the Journal’s new publisher, thinks of this job as a temporary assignment, eventually planning to return to the big city where he belongs. Not only did he find the headline amusing, but Harry believes Jaime has the makings of a great journalist.  Realizing her talents are wasted as the city editor, Harry decides to keep her on her toes by putting her on probation, but he also encourages Jaime to act on her instincts when she plans a follow-up piece looking into the Joshua Tate murder from almost a year ago. What does Jamie uncover about Joshua Tate’s murder? Is there a future for Jaime and Harry?

A Hard Man Is Good To Find by Jane Blackwood is a great story, delving into the lives of two diverse people from two different worlds. Jaime McLane, a talented, strong-willed woman, likes her life the way it is and resists change.  Smart and eager, Jamie has a natural instinct for news. Harry Crandall, a typical big city dweller, comes to small town America to lick his wounds. What he doesn’t plan on is his attraction to a small town woman who interferes with his plans.
Both Jaime and Harry are well-rounded, flawed characters who become steamy hot when they finally come together.


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