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Prisoner Of Desire


Prisoner Of Desire
Jennifer Blake
Historical Romance
387 pages
Copyright: 1986
ISBN: 0-449-90176-9

Anya took Ravel as prisoner to save his life. But in a small dark room on her lush Louisiana plantation, it was Anya who became Ravel’s prisoner of desire. As she struggled to contain her emotions, and Ravel strove to win her love, they both faced the challenge of staying alive….




Virginia Henley
Historical Romance
405 pages
Copyright: 2006
Isbn: 0-451-21911-2

Headstrong lady-in-waiting Marjory de Warenne has the looks of an angel.

But she has given her heart to the devil: the notorious Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, a man feared on the battlefield-and in matters of seduction. When her guardians choose a more appropriate husband for her, Jory can only dream of her gallant knight-until their passion is rekindled amidst the march of history.

Don’t Look Down


Don’t Look Down
Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer
Romantic Suspense
373 pages
ISBN: 0-312-34812-0

Lucy Armstrong is a director of television commercials who’s just been recruited to finish a four-day action-movie shoot. But she arrives on the set to discover that the directing staff has quit, the makeup artist is suicidal, the stars are egomaniacs, the stunt director is her ex-husband, and the lead actor has just acquired as an adviser a Green Beret who has the aggravating habit of always being right.

Green Beret captain J. T. Wilder had thought that hiring on as a military consultant for a movie star was a good deal: easy money and easier starlets. Instead, he has to babysit a bumbling comedian, dodge low-flying helicopters, and resist his attraction to a director who bears a distracting resemblance to Wonder Woman. Then the CIA calls, and he realizes that somebody is taking “shooting a movie” much too literally.

Full of suspense and humor, nonstop action and fast-paced dialogue, Don’t Look Down is the perfect blend of male and female, adventure and romance, Mayer and Crusie.

The Forbidden


The Forbidden

L.A. Banks

Paranormal Romance

490 pages


ISBN: 0-312-94002-5

After the destruction of all the topside master vampires and the death and resurrection of her council-level vampire lover, Damali is called before the Council of the Neterus to answer for her actions. It is there that she discovers there are consequences even she could not foresee. She also learns that the consort of the Un-Named One, Lilith, has come up from the seventh level to set the affairs of the Dark Realms in order. However, Lilith has a hidden agenda of her own and it involves the unborn child Damali thought had been taken from her. The news devastates Damali until a cold and deadly determination leads her to map out a plan for Lilith’s destruction. An evil force beyond recognition, Damali’s newest nemesis literally brings men to their knees. But Damali will not be stopped—not even by someone as dangerously powerful as Lilith. It is a battle that spills over into the streets and involves the people Damali has sworn to protect, leaving fewer standing before it’s all over.

How To Marry A Ghost


How To Marry A Ghost
Hope McIntyre
354 pages
ISBN: 0-89296-014-0

Ghostwriter Lee Bartholomew heads to New York to be the maid of honor in her mother’s wedding/ commitment ceremony (even though she’s still married to Lee’s father) and to interview for the job of ghostwriting an autobiography by aging rock legend Shotgun Marriott. But her time in the States doesn’t go quite as she planned. First she learns she lost the ghostwriting job to a much younger, ambitious hustler named Bettina. Then the body of a man in a wedding dress washes up right after Lee’s mom is married in a beautiful oceanside ceremony-and he turns out to be none other than Shotgun Marriott’s estranged son! When Bettina is also murdered, Lee finds herself stepping into the dead woman’s ghosting shoes-before the killer strikes again.

Three Shirt Deal


I am currently reading Three Shirt Deal by Stephen Cannell.

Three Shirt Deal
Stephen Cannell
322 pages
ISBN: 978-0-312-36627-8

Truit Hickman is a small-time crook doing life in California’s notoriously brutal Corcoran State Prison for the murder of his mother. He admitted to the crime, but now Hickman claims his confession was coerced by the cops. A beautiful Internal Affairs detective, Secada “Scout” Llevar, asks Shane to help investigate, and he agrees after learning the original homicide detective was Brian Devine, a ruthless cop with whom Scully has a bad history.

What begins as a routine review quickly turns into something much more deadly. The case is abruptly shut down by an LAPD deputy chief, and Shane begins to suspect that for unknown reasons Hickman really may have been framed by the police. But some things, once started, cannot be stopped, and the investigation spirals dangerously out of control, implicating a violent Hispanic gang, a millionaire power broker, and the front-runner in the Los Angeles mayoral race.

Meanwhile, Shane and Alexa struggle to save their marriage, which has come perilously close to disintegration since Alexa’s near-fatal shooting in White Sister – just as Shane finds himself attracted to his new partner. Could the answer to their marital troubles be tied to the case he’s investigating? In Cannell’s heart-pounding thriller, Shane is tried in ways he has never been, risking his family, his job, and his life.

Death Of A Golden Girl


I am currently reading Death Of A Golden Girl by Eileen Fulton.

Death Of A Golden Girl
Eileen Fulton
217 pages
Copyright: 1998
ISBN: 0-8041-0196-5

TV soap star Nina McFall recieves a terrible shock when she visits her old friend actress May Minton, and finds her dead. May had won a juicy role on “The Turning Seasons” over several others who desperately wanted the part. Was one of them desperate enough to kill?

While Dectective Lietuant Dino Rossi and his men investigate the case, Nina does some snooping of her own. She’s determined to discover whodunit if it’s the last thing she ever does–adn it looks like it may be, when the killer finds her hot on the trial.

A Hard Man Is Good To Find


A Hard Man Is Good To Find
Jane Blackwood
Contempory Romance
311 pages
Copyright: 2004
ISBN- 0-8217-7616-9

Jaime McLane knows she’s in trouble when the latest edition of the Nortown Journal is published. The headline is awful and she thinks her boss will be furious because she didn’t fix it before the paper hit the streets. With her job on the line, insecurity mounts when she’s summoned to see the man in charge, Harry Crandall. After all, he’s been firing staff left and right.

Harry, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist from New York City and the Journal’s new publisher, thinks of this job as a temporary assignment, eventually planning to return to the big city where he belongs. Not only did he find the headline amusing, but Harry believes Jaime has the makings of a great journalist.  Realizing her talents are wasted as the city editor, Harry decides to keep her on her toes by putting her on probation, but he also encourages Jaime to act on her instincts when she plans a follow-up piece looking into the Joshua Tate murder from almost a year ago. What does Jamie uncover about Joshua Tate’s murder? Is there a future for Jaime and Harry?

A Hard Man Is Good To Find by Jane Blackwood is a great story, delving into the lives of two diverse people from two different worlds. Jaime McLane, a talented, strong-willed woman, likes her life the way it is and resists change.  Smart and eager, Jamie has a natural instinct for news. Harry Crandall, a typical big city dweller, comes to small town America to lick his wounds. What he doesn’t plan on is his attraction to a small town woman who interferes with his plans.
Both Jaime and Harry are well-rounded, flawed characters who become steamy hot when they finally come together.

The Kept Woman


The Kept Woman
Susan Donovan
Contempory Romance
372 pages
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 0-312-939507

WHEN A GOOD-GIRL DIVORCÉE Playing by the rules has left Samantha Monroe with an AWOL ex-husband, maxed out credit cards, and the task of raising three children on a hairstylist’s salary. It’s time for a new game plan. When Sam learns that politician Jack Tolliver needs someone to play the part of his fiancÉe for six months in return for a generous paycheck, she’s ready to sign up on the spot.

Jack needs Sam and her kids to help tone down his image from womanizing cad to dependable dad. But he was expecting Sam to be a frumpy single mom, not a wickedly smart, sexy redhead. Keeping nosey newshounds from discovering that his engagement is a charade is going to be a tough job, but one mind-blowing kiss from Sam and suddenly Jack is ready to put in all the overtime necessary…

Now, with scheming opponents itching to bring Jack down, Sam’s ex returning to stir up trouble, one stubborn pre-schooler, two squabbling teenagers, a crazy dog, and some out-of-this-world sex, Jack and Sam are discovering that playing make-believe can be complicated—but not nearly as much as falling in love…

Are all books supposed to have isbn’s. Some of the books I have don’t have them, and some I can’t even find online. But I got some really old books, so I am wondering if the older books don’t have them. If you don’t know no big deal.

A Question Of Honor


A Question Of Honor
Nita Abrams
Historical Romance
375 pages
Copyright: 2002
ISBN: 08217-7326-7

Wounded while on a risky intelligence mission behind enemy lines in Spain during the war against Napoleon, British Captain Richard C. Drayton returns to England to recuperate. While staying with his sister, he meets his young niece’s new temporary governess, Rachel Maitland Ross. This enigmatic woman has charmed the entire household, but Richard suspects there is more to her story than he has been told and of course, there is. Abrams is equally adept at writing action-filled scenes that illuminate the dangers of intelligence work during the Napoleonic Wars as she is in writing poignant, romantic scenes between her hero and heroine. With its complex, nuanced characters and polished writing, Abrams’s debut romance is superb.